Our products have 24-60 month warranty, except separate agreement cases. We provide fast and qualitative request processing, relating to our lighting appliance warranty and non-warranty repair.

If you think your case relates on producer’s warranty service, please fill the Warranty service form BEFORE sending your item to us. Describe the situation in details and add photos and/or video about it.

If manufacturer’s defect found, you will receive offer of warranty repair or product’s replacement. If the product replacement is impossible by some reason, there will be offer of equivalent product or discount, or in separate cases – full refund of product’s value.


All transportation costs covers the customer, independently on case of warranty service or non-warranty service.

All products sent back to seller must be in its original package.

Warranty does not cover damages caused in result of misuse.

BalticLED keeps right to refuse refund or replacement, if there is no request foundation.


Please read the terms and conditions about returning products, which were purchased in BalticLED company! In case of questions and uncertainties, please contact us in e-mail: info@balticled.lv

Product return is possible only if the product’s package is not damaged and the product is in good working condition. Please fill the form to return the product.

All returned products will be checked and our experts will test them to make sure they do not have any damage.

BalticLED keeps right to refuse rightly product replacement or refund; in this case, our expert will contact you.


All returned products must be in their original package.

Customer covers all transportation costs related to product return.


Our devices comply with all European Union directives. On request, we will send a copy of certificates to your e-mail.